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About Pinside
What is Pinside?
Pinside: Pinside is an online pinboard for you and your friends (or just you)
Pinside: An easy way to organize things.
What can I do with Pinside?
Pinside: Manage Shopping Lists
Pinside: Share funny Pictures with my Friends
Pinside: Spread Ideas
Pinside: Plan Vacations
Pinside: Stay in Contact
Pinside: Bookmark Websites
Pinside: Remember Meetings
Pinside: ToDo Lists
Pinside: ...
This is what a Note looks like
Pinside: And this is a comment
Pinside: A note can be commented by all board members
Pinside: Notes can be placed anywhere on the board
Pinside: You can create boards and invite friends to them. But you can also use a board for yourself
Pinside: A board can be private (only board members can see it) or public (everyone can see it)
Pinside: Try it: Play around with our Demo Board

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